Orlando Amphibious Assault Reservations

Here you will find the information needed to reserve your trip. We do not require a deposit to reserve your day but you will need a fishing license and directions to the lake all of which can be found on the bottom of this page. After browsing through the site all that is needed to make a reservation is simply give me a call to get everything set up.

Over the years we have found it is most convenient for clients to call and be able to get immediate bookings to reserve their day. If you have questions such as prices, types of trips we offer, information about your guide or equipment provided, those answers can be found on the guide rates page or the about us page. I hope you will visit these pages as well as the testimonials page so that you can get to know more about us and why Florida Bass Adventures is one of the busiest guide services in Orlando. If you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them when you call to book your trip.

Our email address is on the website is provided primarily for clients outside of the U.S. where time zones make it difficult to communicate via phone. If you live in North America please contact us by phone and not email to book your trip. For International clients outside of the U.S. email us at Orlando Amphibious Assault

You can reserve your trip by sending a deposit of $75.00 via paypal using your credit card if you wish but it is not required. Please do not send a deposit before confirming the day you would like to reserve is available.

Cash, Credit Cards may be used to pay for your balance the day of your trip. No checks!

Deposits are non refundable - In the event you cannot make your scheduled appointment the deposit will go towards a future reservation.

For Clients that have not used a deposit to reserve your day, your credit card information will be taken to hold the reservation. No charges will be applied before your trip. Be sure to read the cancellation policy regarding notice required. Only in the event that a client does not show up for their scheduled reservation would charges be applied to your credit card.

Reserve Your Trip

Click on the image above to purchase your fishing license from Florida Fish and Wildlife. Cost for a 3 day non resident license is around $21.25 Purchasing your license online is the best way to obtain your fishing license. Local tackle shops do not sell fishing licenses.

If we are meeting at Lake Toho follow this link to be taken to the Directions page. Everything you need to get from your hotel to the lake can be found on this page.

Click Here

In the event you cannot make your scheduled day a notice of at least 2 weeks must be given prior to your trip. Any cancellation less than 2 weeks will incur a full days charge to the credit card provided. A client may reschedule for a later date and those fees can be applied to that trip so long as availability allows.